How to Make a Man Open His Heart to You

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make a man open his heart to you

For your man to open his heart to you, you need to make him feel safe.

Did you ever wonder why it´s hard for a man to open himself up? Do you long to make the man you love to open his heart to you?

As Bob Grant, author of “The Woman Men Adore” explained in his book, “the inside of a man’s heart is even more sensitive than a woman’s. Around his heart are walls of steel, like doors that slide open and shut, and only open for special occasions.

These doors open when he is interacting with his children or the woman he loves, or perhaps in a spiritual moment.”

“When those doors are open, a man is extremely vulnerable. During those vulnerable times, if someone hurts him or makes fun of him, those doors shut up very quickly. This is why men do not like to open up much – it’s just too scary. When a man’s heart is injured, he does not have the recuperative power most women do.”

Thus, in order to make a man open up to you, you need to make him feel that it´s safe for him to actually do it, that you´re not going to hurt him or make fun of him. But above all, be a woman who is sure of herself.

Here are three specific things you can do to persuade him to open up to you.

Be a Woman Who is Easy to Please

If a man feels that you are easy to please, he is more likely to strive harder to please you. It´s important that you are happy by yourself, that you don´t rely your entire happiness on a man, but be also careful that you don´t send the message that you´re too self-sufficient. This can mean to him that you don´t want him to protect and cherish you.

What does it mean? For example, if a man treats you a great dinner and instead of appreciating his efforts by simply saying “thank you”, you tell him that he need not bother because you can afford it or you insist that you pay half of the bill. This action shows that you don´t want him to take care of you.


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Do Not be Critical of His Efforts

In relation to being a woman who is easily pleased, you are also a woman who is not critical of his endeavors. It´s one thing to offer constructive feedbacks if solicited it´s another to throw negative remarks and criticisms on his efforts, whether it´s for your relationship or for his personal improvement.

In order to make him open his heart to you, you need to make him know that you´re his biggest fan and support. He needs to feel that it´s okay if he fails in his endeavor, you´re there to comfort and help him, you´re there to offer understanding. And that when he succeeds, you´re the first to give him a tap on the back and congratulate him.

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Be a Woman Who Puts Her Heart First

When a man opens his heart to a woman, that means he is willing to take care of her and love her. But unless the woman loves herself and puts her heart first, no man will truly open his heart to her. But as a woman, how do you put your heart first? How do you love yourself above anything?

Loving yourself before any man does not mean being selfish. It means valuing yourself above any man. You don´t sacrifice your own happiness just to make him happy, you don´t give anything and everything to him even if it hurts you just so he is happy.

You make sure that you are happy yourself first before you make anyone happy. You don´t allow anyone to belittle or degrade you. You don´t define yourself by how other people define you. You know your value and you uphold it regardless of what other people think or say.

No man can resist opening his heart to a woman who loves herself first. No man will take her for granted, abuse or put her in the back burner because she will never allow it in the first place. Loving yourself first is a charm that no man can resist.


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What are your thoughts? What do you think are things you can do to make the man you love open up to you?

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